Arbonne ABC Herbal Diaper Rash Cream

I can honestly say that I don't know much about diaper rash. Even with 4 kids, I had never had to deal with it until my latest, Moses, was born 4 months ago. Since the day he arrived here on this earth, he has had a red bottom. We have tried all kinds of creams, powder, and lotions, and most have worked pretty well. But today I would love to share my favorite!

Arbonne Baby Care (ABC) Herbal Diaper Rash Cream smells so great. The scent reminds me of a cup of hot green tea, but very mild and not too froo-frooish. (My hubby hates girly-smelling baby supplies.) While the only ingredient listed is the Zinc Oxide found in most other baby rash creams, there is definitely some other stuff in there that can only be described as light and fresh. The cream itself comes out more like a thicker lotion instead of a paste, so it is easy to smear on. Just a thin layer will do well, so no need going overboard. It protects well, and while it does act as a barrier to future wetness, it absorbs a little into the skin too!

And is it horrible that I also just love the look of the packaging? The adorable design on the tube, along with the fact that it looks like a lotion container instead of a tube of hemmorhoid cream, really makes me feel stylish as I pull it out of my diaper bag.

Contact your local Arbonne rep (1-800-ARBONNE) or visit ARBONNE online to see how to order this or any other item in their ABC line!