Munchkin Disposable Bibs

If your kids are like mine, they are messy eaters. Even my careful 8-year-old daughter can't escape the crumbs, drips, and splatters that come with eating choice foods such as spaghetti, crackers and salad. And while eating out is a fun treat in my family, it is often accompanied by embarassment at the amount of food I am left to clean up in order to spare our waitress extra work.

While nothing can completely eliminate all the hazards of mealtime, disposable bibs are a viable option for most families. Long gone are the days when every child booster seat was sanitized and prepared with a fresh wet-wipe and plastic bib. Parents need to be ready with their own bibs and cloths, and so we take a look at the Munchkin line of disposable bibs.

Featuring 3 protective layers to help absorb liquids and prevent leaking through to the child's clothes, the bibs are rather comfy and soft to the touch. A fun, quilted design is printed on the front, and several popular characters are available, including Dora the Explorer and Spongebob.
Unique to the Munchkin bib is the crumb-collecting pocket, which I didn't quite understand at first. The pocket is located on the backside of the bib, which means you need to flip the pocket inside out to have it turned up on the front. This helps it to hold its cup-like shape.

Upon trying the bib, my kids screamed at first. They hate putting anything over their heads, including clothing, so this was going to be a challenge. After seeing the characters on their Dora bibs, however, they were excited to give it a try. A removable paper tag revealed a sticky surface that held the two ends of the bib together. Once on, there was no taking it off without adult help.

It worked well to catch crumbs, and absorbed most spills. If only the bib extended down to their ankles, where most of their food ends up anyway. At $6-8 for a box of 16, I couldn't afford a new bib for every meal, but they are a nice courtesy for dining out or for keeping church clothes nice during a potluck.

I would recommend the bibs as an item to tuck away into a purse pocket or diaper bag! Click here to order this product!