Avent Isis IQ Uno

My hubby broke down with this last baby and decided to let me buy a nicer new electric breast pump. Because I was staying at home with the kids, I thought that a single pump would do fine. And because we were lucky enough to choose the Avent Isis IQ Uno, I was right!

The amazing feature of the IQ is the "memory." You start to manually pump, and when you feel that you have gotten the perfect rhythm to your expression, just hit the memory button. The pump then replicates your tempo, and you are hands-free!

Pros: There are many. The pump is quiet compared to most pumps (although I wouldn't use it in church.) It comes with everything you need to get started (bottles, storage lids, etc.) I absolutely LOVE that it comes with both AC adapter and a battery pack. (Do you even want to know how many times I have used it in the car with someone else driving to help get an extra bottle ready?) It is easy to clean, and simple enough to store.

Cons: This sucker uses power - keep in mind that if you do use the handy battery pack, you will need several. (4 AA each time) The massaging insert for the pump was nice, but in my case useless (I don't know that it does much to stimulate "let down"). Lastly, it is kind of pricey..

Definitely worth the cost! A great buy after trying several pumps over the years.