Boppy Infant Pillow

What does "Boppy" mean to you? In our house, boppy can mean a pacifier, or it also means the original Boppy pillow.

Bought for me as a gift for my first son, the Boppy pillow is a true lifesaver. A very funky u-shaped pillow, Boppy can be used to position an infant in just the right way to nurse. As a matter of fact, I type almost all my blog posts with a nursing baby boy in my lap (on top of the Boppy, of course). This allows for perfect positioning, and my hands are free for work!

Boppy is great for you gals that have had a c-section, too. With the pillow on top of your incision, you can cradle your new bundle without fear of him kicking the incision. I wear it as a protective belt for when the older kids are on my lap, too! I also have the younger siblings wear Boppy for extra support when they want to hold the new baby.

Boppy is great for cradling the baby when you want to set him down for a bit. Boppy makers caution that it is not intended for the little one to fall asleep in, but as most of us Boppy users know: It happens. It helps keep them supported as they lay, and also makes a great aid when they start to sit up on their own.

Boppy's come in all kinds of new designs these days. There is a Boppy Luxe that has very plushy fabric, Boppy in the nude (a bare-bones pillow that you can cover how you like,) and a playcenter Boppy with toys attached. Different covers are available to match your nursery or your living room.

I don't know a mom who has used Boppy and doesn't fall in love. We hear, "Get the Boppy" or "Where's the Boppy?" at least a few times a day at my house. It's all about Boppy love, people.


  1. HUGE Boppy fan here! I used mine for at least 6 months daily and then occasionally since then. I'm not sure how women did it before them!


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