LilyPadz Nursing Pads

Like most nursing Mamas, I've been there with the constant leaking that can occur during the first few months of breastfeeding. I also know that you will only have a leak at the worst most possible times: during a job interview, posing for a family portrait, talking to the mailman, in the grocery check out line.

Heavy cloth or disposable nursing pads are bulky and hold moisture against your body, causing bacteria and yeast to thrive. LilyPadz nursing pads are very different! They are a soft silicone rubber pad (think giant rubber contact lens) that stick to your breasts, not your bra. They use a kind of suction force to keep close, preventing milk from ever coming out in the first place!

One of the best things about LilyPadz is that they can be worn alone during the night, meaning "Bye-Bye heavy nursing bras!" They wash up easily, and they can help to prevent that "headlight" look that can come from wearing thinner blouses.

One pair lasts about 2 months with proper care (although I've had mine longer.) After that, they kind of wear out and don't stick well. But if you compare the cost of one pair of LilyPadz with the boxes of disposable pads you would have to buy, they are a great deal!

And with summer coming up, many of you may be wondering, "How am I going to swim in my nursing pads?" This is the solution you really need to consider! Weaning time can also be much easier knowing that you are not going to produce an embarassing flood that everyone will notice. LilyPadz are cool and keep milk in its place.

I give this product two very enthusiastic thumbs up!