All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergent

I do laundry. Lots of laundry. With 4 kids and a husband who works the cubicle by day and the tool shed by night, there are as many as 10 different outfits being washed in my household a day. And they are usually very, very gross.

I go through so much laundry detergent that we were, for a while, buying the 1 billion oz tubs from the warehouse stores. Then I found All Small & Mighty.

This wonder detergent comes in several varieties, but my favorite is the blue bottle -- or the stainlifter. Just one small bottle (fits easily on any shelf) holds 32 oz of liquid detergent and washes 32 loads! And you can kiss your stain pretreater goodbye! I can get car grease, baby carrots, poopy diaper ricochet, and blood completely out of most any piece of clothing with just a small dab of this stuff before throwing it in the wash. And the one bottle lasts and lasts!

All Small & Mighty comes in Stainlifter, Fresh Rain, Wild & Fresh, Bleach Alternative, Essence of Snuggle, and Free and Clear varieties! Available at Amazon and other retailers!

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