Review of Kaboom!

I received the gift of housecleaning from my mother. Not that I'm bad at it. I just hate doing it. I procrastinate, waiting so long until it is just unbearable! So imagine my delight when I got to try a cleaner claiming to eliminate cleaning steps and my time!

Kaboom just introduced an awesome new product called NeverScrub! Continuous Toilet Cleaning System. Claiming to help reduce or even possibly eliminate the need for scrubbing with that nasty germ-infested toilet bowl brush, I was anxious to take it for a spin.

Here's what I loved about the NeverScrub:

- Out of sight and out of mind. I hooked the little guy up with the simple instructions on the box within 2 minutes. Since it resides under the tank lid, no one sees it. I like that guests can't see a nasty blue clip-on deodorizer when they visit our bathroom. (Visit the website for a video on how easy installation is.)

- Clear and clean. This is not your grandma's toilet bowl cleaner. No amazingly blue toilet water with this gadget. Just clean water every time you flush. And so far, I've eliminated my weekly super scrubbing task with the brush quite easily.

- Safe for septic tanks. This is a must where I live.

- Refillable. I haven't purchased the refills yet, but I like the idea of saving money and the environment.

The only downside to this product that I could see is what I personally consider the upside. Every time you flush, a slight bleach odor fills the air from the treated water. Now to ME, that is a good thing. It makes my husband think I just cleaned the whole bathroom. But my mother hates the smell of bleach, so for her, it's not so good. But it's really a personal preference.

One other very exciting product from the makers of Kaboom is the Shower, Tub, and Tile Cleaner. While I'm rather fond of my traditional cleaner (to remain nameless), I thought I'd give this one a shot.

My experience was good! While I am a huge fan of those chemical sprays that strip away all the grime with no scrubbing (along with some skin if you're not careful,) this cleaner worked reasonably well at taking away the grey streaking from the hard water and calcium in my shower unit. While I did have to do some minimal wiping with a damp cloth when finished, it wasn't at all as difficult as some scrubbing formulas. The best part of it was that I didn't have to run reeling and gagging from the bathroom or tell the little ones not to go in while it was soaking. I am a huge fan of using a product that doesn't cause a gas-chamber effect in my bathroom. (Pregnant gals take note!)

Kaboom has a bunch of other products, too. I'll be keeping my eye out and letting you know what I find!

Happy Cleaning!