Review of Stride Rite Superball Shoes

I'll admit that there are so many adorable shoes out there. And while I secretly yearn for the joy of picking out some pink patent leather mary janes or some Hello Kitty sandals for a tiny little girl, I will have to be content with the world of shoe shopping for boys. (My only daughter is 8, and can insist on picking out her OWN shoes.)

I had the opportunity to try a pair of Superball shoes from Stride Rite, and I ordered a pair that would fit me! (I ordered a boy's size that was comparable to my women's size 7.5) After wearing these unique shoes for about a week, here is what I have to report:

The shoes were a comfortable fit. Wider around the base, but easily tightened by the grippy laces, they were quickly "broken in" to fit my feet perfectly. They were breathable, and my feet didn't get as hot in them as in some of my other tennis shoes. A walk around the block a few times proved that they had a nice cushion in the soles, but they were firm enough to jog or walk across harder surfaces.

As far as balance goes, I have been walking for some time and was unsure how the superball effect assisted me with my center of gravity. I did feel that they were lighter than most athletic shoes, and this seemed to keep me from leaning too much while going uphill.

The wild colors seem to draw a little attention to this MaMa of 4, but on a child, the bright patterns would most definitely seem natural. (And in my house, brighter colored shoes are more easily found in the yard before the mower gets to them.)

Overall, I think these are just the high-quality athletic shoe you would some to expect from Stride Rite. Available at all Stride Rite retailers for $54-56 in sizes 7 "Boys" to 7 "Big Boys".