Review of Amy's Kitchen Kids Meals

My kids aren't picky eaters. But they are choosy about some things. They prefer to have a green veggie at every meal, and my daughter especially hates frozen kids dinners. There usually is never enough food, they are soggy in the microwave, and because she loves to eat healthy, feels like she is putting bad food in her body when she eats them.

Imagine how excited we were to learn that Amy's Kitchen now offers organic kids meals perfect for the microwave or oven! My kids tested them recently (of course I may have had a taste too) and gave me their enthusiastic reviews:

The winner by a mile was the macaroni and cheese dinner. Macaroni and organic broccoli with cheese and a slice of focaccia bread made for a very generous portion (even for my hungry gymnast 8-year-old.) For dessert, there are two delicious "snacks" filled with honey-sweetened organic apples (think McD's apple pie without the sugar and fat!) With yummy, gooey cheese that tasted so rich, it reminded my daughter of the fancy mac and cheese you get at restaurants. She gobbled up the broccoli and the pasta, and saved her little apple desserts for later (but loved every bite.) Her only qualm was the focaccia bread. (She was never a fan.) But coming from a bread-lover, I personally found it to be amazingly yummy! This dinner had NO TRANS FAT • NO ADDED MSG • NO PRESERVATIVES and was organic to boot! My daughter was such a big fan, that when she got a touch of a virus later in the week, would only eat the mac and cheese dinner (per her special request.)

Also a big hit with the younger bunch (my 2 and 3-year-old sons) was the Baked Ziti meal.
Some kids (not mine personally), cannot tolerate gluten or dairy. So the chefs at Amy's Kitchen created the "Baked Ziti Kids Meal" made with light tender organic rice noodles topped with a dairy-free cheese and Amy's pasta sauce. Broccoli and sauce, rice focaccia & a delicious apple crisp complete the meal. The meal was eaten in minutes. I tried a few bites and was shocked at how good a gluten and dairy-free meal could be! And of course, I fought the kids for the focaccia!

For more info on the meals, visit Amy's Kitchen. These meals will be coming soon to a healthy store near you!