Review of Baby Einstein Discovering Shapes DVD

We home educate at our house, so it's not unusual to find a few videos or DVD's at our house with an educational theme. We play them once and a while as part of a unit study or to give the kids a break from the usual Public Broadcasting cartoons. I don't, however, solely rely on DVD's to "educate" my young ones. I enjoy them as a fun alternative to some of the mindless programming options that seem to overwhelm the tube these days.

So it was with great excitement that I was able to preview the new Baby Einstein Discovering Shapes DVD from Disney. Looking for a movie that was more fun than flashcards, I put the DVD in and allowed my 2 and 3 year-old boys to give it a try! I have to admit, that I was very surprised. The uplifting classical music was a favorite for my kids. (We often incorporate music into our daily routines -- it keeps the kids happy and cooperative.) And while I wasn't sure if they were "getting" much of the learning concepts that was playfully presented in the video, they were bopping along and giggling at the adorable puppets and sweet little babies.

The DVD had almost a soothing effect (which is nice when you have a couple of sometimes aggressive boys that get a little carried away watching some shows.) I played the DVD during naptime, and by the time the DVD had played all the way through, my youngest son was relaxed and quietly napping. I wasn't even sure he had "learned" much from the DVD (which was OK with me.) But a few minutes after waking from his afternoon nap, he brought me a lump of modeling clay that he had been playing with earlier in the day. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said, "Oval"... or a gooey variation of it, anyway.

I guess learning can be more about fun than I had thought! Baby Einstein DVD's and this special introduction of shapes can be purchased at most retailers of children's videos and Amazon.