Review of Bio-Oil

Three babies in five years equals ALOT of stretch marks, and with the winter approaching for some new bouts with dry skin, I was looking for a solution. That's when I learned about Bio-Oil, a specialist skincare product designed to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone.

While the name threw me at first (sounding more like a mechanic's secret or something out of a science fiction movie), I was really excited to give Bio-Oil a try! While the makers of the product openly admit that the oil will never completely remove stretch marks, they do claim it helps to diminish the appearance. I began using the oil on my stomach soon after receiving it. I applied it as the directions indicated (using proper circular motion), and did so diligently for a week.

There was actually a small improvement in the marks, and my skin was so much smoother, softer, and better-looking overall! How I wished I had known about this BEFORE my pregnancy. I can see that using this product loyally for the duration of a pregnancy could prevent the horrible strain that skin goes through during the nine months of growth! I have also started to the use the oil in other ways, like easing the horrible dry skin I get at night. I also look forward to using it on scars, uneven skin patches, and in places where I will likely get wrinkles. Perhaps the best use for the oil is on my C-section scar. It has become soft and less noticeable since using the oil, which is great for making me feel less self-conscious about it!

The oil is light and natural feeling. It is safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing a baby. It has no preservatives and is made from all-natural ingredients in South Africa. And best of all, it is affordable! Available at Walgreens pharmacies, Bio-Oil is a steal at only $11.99 for 2 ounces.