Review of Boon: Innovations for Modern Parents

I don't know how "modern" a parent I am, but I will say one thing: Boon is for me and my kids! We were delighted to try out two new products from the family-friendly and stylish company.

Since bathing isn't just a task at our house, (it really is a social networking opportunity) we were eager to test the Bath Goods: Designer Toys and Scrubbies bundle. I had to laugh when I first opened the package -- scrubbies (think bath poofs) for kids?!? This is genius! I am always picking up my precious pink poof from the bathtub floor, while at the same time envisioning what gross things my kids have just used it to scrub away..... The scrubbies are small, like little bath poofs made just for Keebler elves. Or my kids.

The brightly colored abstract shapes stuck to the sides of the tub, shower stall, mirror, you name it! My oldest son Micah (the budding Picasso) scrunched up his face and began a painstaking recreation of every animal on our farm from the appliqu├ęs. Very cool.

And the Flo is beyond brilliant. A multipurpose device that fits snugly over your bath faucet, theFlo does so many things:
  • Improves access to water flow
  • Helps protect against injury
  • Dispenses bubble bath
  • Allows access to shower diverter

And while I was at first slightly disturbed that my shower getaway had now been officially converted into a "child-friendly" zone, I had no need to worry. Flo clips on and comes off with no installation, hardware, etc. (One note: for those of you with older bath faucets, Flo may not fit on longer faucets. My one bath could not accommodate the gizmo as easily as the newer bath with a shorter faucet.)

Long story short, these fun and fancy offerings from my new friend Boon can turn any bathroom into a mini water playland. There will be screams of delight from the kiddos. I promise.

Visit the Boon website for more info on other great products. Available at Amazon and other retailers.


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