Review of Firehouse Dog on DVD

If you are like me, you sometimes indulge your kids in a movie that you know will be a little too immature to be enjoyed by the adults. You figure that you will put the movie in, and do a little laundry with the time you just bought yourself. Firehouse Dog (20th Century Fox) caught me by surprise, however, when I dropped the laundry to actually watch this surprising comedy!

A tale of a displaced movie-star pooch who finds a new home at the fire station, Firehouse Dog stars the young and talented Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Terabithia) and Bruce Greenwood as a father and son with a distance between them. When Dewey (the dog) comes into the lives of the firefighters and the boy, fun and faith come with it! While this movie will probably not win any awards for special effects, your kids will enjoy the off-the-wall and unbelievable sight gags and jokes.

This movie is rated PG for peril (dogs chases, a few intense fire rescues, a dog falling from a plane into the back of a tomato truck), language (uses of the word "butt" and few other words we don't use at our house), and some potty humor (a dog poops into a pot of soup). These elements are minor, brief, and almost forgettable in comparison to other PG movies out there. I had absolutely no problem letting my kids watch the movie -- twice. I found myself laughing, and really enjoyed the message of family, dedication, and teamwork.

This overlooked movie gem can be purchased at any DVD retailer, and for more reviews of the movie, check out Amazon's customer comments.