Review of Money Savvy Kids at Home Program

With money being one of the most prominent issues surrounding marriage and family problems today, most of us agree that having some financial savvy is not just desirable, but necessary in today's world. Giving your kids a head-start on such matters is a loving way to ensure a happier life as an adult.

I was tickled to go through the Money Savvy Generation Kids at Home Program with my 8-year-old this summer. The best part about the program is that I learned so much by teaching her! Covering the basic money principles (save, spend, donate, invest) reminded me of my financial goals, and it was interesting to learn some quirky facts about the history of money in the process.

Concepts traditionally reserved for high school learning, (such as stock-trading, coupons, interest, currency-exchange, entrepreneurship, and bartering) are taught candidly and clearly for ages 6-11. The parent handbook walks you step-by-step through the instructions of teaching, and work very well with the accompanying student workbook. The program also includes a supplemental coloring and activity book, "When You're Smart with Money" poster, and a CD-ROM containing graphics, songs, and more! Of course, the program wouldn't be complete without the Money Savvy Piggy bank with comparments for Saving, Spending, Donating, and Investing (with cool stickers to remind children what their money will be used for!) With a total of eight chapters, the entire program can be completed in under 10 hours!

For families with more than one child in the program, there are additional workbooks and banks that can be ordered. They even give you a choice of colors for your piggy bank OR you may choose to go with a cow or football bank instead!

I really enjoyed this program, and think it will be a valuable resource when homeschooling my next 3 kids. It would also make a super supplemental program for summertime learning or a break from the regular school year.

Visit Money Savvy Generation for more information on their introductory price of $29.99 (value of $29.50) for the entire program!


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