Review of LUNA Tea Cakes

Note: This product has been discontinued and may be unavailable at this time.

Yummy.. that's the only way to describe these very different kind of snacks. Formerly a LUNA bar fan that got a little burnt out on eating a bar every day, I was up the for the challenge of trying out the new "tea cakes." In flavors like Berry Pomegranate (for longevity), Orange Blossom (for healthy skin), and Vanilla Macadamia (for mood balance), there really is no end to the possibilities for a healthy snack. These all natural snacks are infused with tea from the Republic of Tea, and are the first non-soy product from the popular LUNA line. While small in size, they are chewy and satisfying. A sweet little 130 calories will get you through the afternoon (or whenever you snack), with a healthy alternative to those naughty candy or cookie cravings. Full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and healthy omegas, LUNA Tea Snacks have found a permanent home in my snack cabinet! Available at Amazon in boxes of 24 or