Review of Wheely Bug from Prince Lionheart

My boys love ride-on toys. They are always underfoot, and someone is always zooming from one laminate-covered room in our home to another. One thing I hate about all the activity, however, is the noise! The wheels on all our toys are so loud that it really becomes distracting.

Imagine my delight when we were lucky enough to test the Wheely Bug by Prince Lionheart! An adorable ride-on that will appeal to both boys AND girls, the Wheely Bug that we tried was perfect for both of my boys (ages 2 and 3). Supporting up to 50 pounds with its comfortably padded seating (and easy to clean to!), it offers wheels that turn in any direction. It can withstand the toughest play, but only weighs 4 pounds. (This makes it a perfect toy to toss in the back of the van for trips to Grandma's house!) And don't worry, Mom; it is entirely non-toxic and contains no PVC. Researched and developed in child care centers, it is designed for “industrial” kid use. Most importantly, it is quiet! No grocery cart wheel-rattling to contend with; these wheels are smooth and soundless.

The only drawback to this toy? You'll need to referee all the arguing over "Who gets it first!" My boys love their Wheely Bug and can never quite seem to get a grasp on taking turns with it.

The award-winning Wheely Bug comes in two sizes for 18 months+ and 3+ and is available in Bug, Bee and Cow designs! Available at Amazon and Target retailers!