Review of Books by Jerry Pallotta and Rob Bolster

My kids usually love math. But then again, there are days that they hate it. It's not that learning isn't fun for them. It's just that new concepts are difficult to get excited about. That's where food comes in.

With the appeal that only candy, pizza, and fruit can provide, Jerry Pallotta guarantees that "Math=Fun!" With such crazy ideas as using photographs of pizza slices in his "Pizza Fractions" book, or Twizzlers in his "Shapes and Patterns", you will leave your math lesson feeling a bit hungry, but very well informed!

Other titles by Jerry (and Illustrated by Rob Bolster) include:

The Hershey Kisses Subtraction Book
Apple Fractions
Hershey's Fractions
Hershey's Weights and Measures
Hershey's Multiplication Book

You'll be sure to find a yummy way to home educate or just tutor your kids into a new math concept in no time! Books are priced fairly, but you'll need to bring your own chocolate!