Review of Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

Raise your hand if you remember the last time you fed, changed, or put your newborn to sleep... (if you really have a newborn, I don't expect to see too many hands raised.) The sad reality of parenthood is that once the baby is born, your mind seems to take a vacation. Between the middle of the night trips to take care of baby, the hormones, and the flurry of new tasks that are suddenly introduced into the life of a new mother, it can be easy to forget when you last did what.

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is the perfect solution. As simple as a stopwatch, but with all the gizmos to make it really cool, the Itzbeen can track how long "itzbeen" since you did all the important things with your baby. One touch of each of the four buttons can set the clock for feeding, diapers, naps, and a wildcard of your choice: medicine, thermometer, or maybe just a lullaby?

Can't see in the dark nursery? Itzbeen has you covered with a handy backlit display, and get this -- a soft but effective night light! You won't lose your Itzbeen because it clips easily to your belt or purse straps (don't you wish you could do that with the TV remote?) And for those ultra-modern nursing moms who gave up their grandmother's safety pin technique, there is a "right/left" indicator you can slide back and forth to show which side to nurse on next!

Maybe you think you have it all covered, and don't need a gadget to tell you how (or when) to parent. The Itzbeen can come in handy for babysitters, grandparents, or even daycare providers who might need a little extra reminder of the important things in life.

The Itzbeen isn't just for babies, however. It is perfect for caring for both special needs children and adults. And long after your children are out of diapers, the Itzbeen can be used to remember to take medicine or even to time how long they've been sitting in front of the TV! Just set the timer... it's easy.

I love this gadget (and I'm not really a gadget person.) For more info, visit the Itzbeen website. You'll be glad you did.

Available at major retailers and online at Amazon for under $25.