Review of Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise

I was shopping for fruit juice last week, when I stopped to take a look at the nutrition labels of our regular juice brand. I was stunned to discover the the #1 ingredient was water! The #2 ingredient was high-fructose corn syrup (sugar!) Wow! All this time I was doing what I thought was a healthy effort by buying fruit juices with vegetable juices mixed in. But I learned the hard way that all fruit-vegetable juice blends are NOT alike!

It took me about 10 minutes of careful scrutinizing to discover what I thought was the best choice based on nutritional information alone. Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise has 100% fruit juice (no sugars or watered down stuff) but has carrot and other vegetable juices mixed in! Each 8 oz. glass contains a 2/3 serving of veggies and a more than 1 serving of fruit! That's a way easy way to get my kids to take their veggies.

I tried it, and I think it's delicious. So now, Mommy has a way to get her veggies in too! For more information on all 3 yummy flavors (including grape and tropical), visit!