Review of PBS Kids "Super WHY"

Adorable and catchy, the new educational program in the line-up of morning PBS children's shows is "Super WHY." Designed for preschoolers age 3-6, the premise is simple -- and genius. Super heroes engage kids in the basics of reading. And the consequences are delightful!

If the cute characters facing every day preschool-type dilemmas don't get you, there's always the sounds effects and the memorable theme song (that I'm still singing from this morning.) Taking place in a village where fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters come to life, the stars of the show learn to solve problems using their spelling, reading, and literacy skills. Your child gets to play along!

Empowering kids while they learn, Super Why is addictive in the best kind of way. To learn more about the program, visit PBS for all the details! (And kids can get in on the action with online games and coloring pages at PBS Kids!)