Review of Cleanwater Infant Tub by 4Moms

Everywhere I look there seems to be a new infant tub coming out, each one more ergonomically designed and whimsical looking than the first. But the Cleanwater Infant Tub by 4Moms has a unique feature that really changed the way I viewed bathing my kids -- an important safety feature that ALL bathtubs should have!

Before I get into the best feature of the infant tub, however, I would like to say that the design is fantastic! Lightweight and easy to clean, the Cleanwater tub can work over the sink, on a countertop, or in the big tub like most other infant tubs. The cool thing about the Cleanwater tub is that the water starts at one end of the tub and flows around the back of baby, taking all the yucky stuff that may have come off of your dirty little one, and sweeping it out the side of the tub. You can leave the water running and keep a continuous flow of fresh water around your baby! (I know you can visualize what happens when you set your baby into a tub of clean water only to have them use it as a potty... gross. This tub is a solution for that very nasty, but common problem!)

Now for the absolute best feature of the tub (the one I think ALL tubs should have), the digital thermometer with Temp-Assure technology! This is no ordinary thermometer. Since it is important to be sure that with a continual flow of water, the temperature stays safe, this thermometer displays how safe the temp of the water is with a color display. Blue says "Too cold." Green says "Just right." Red says "Too hot!" And when the water gets hot enough to cause burns, it beeps.

We "played" with the temperature technology for quite awhile at my house. We were amazed at how it immediately detected the temperature and changed colors to correspond to the safety of the temp. The colors are brightly lit and easy to see from even a distance (although we all know that we need to keep baby in arms reach at all times when using any infant tub.)

This very cool tub made me feel confident in the safety AND cleanliness of my baby. I would highly recommend this tub to anyone wanting the ultimate in design and functionality for an infant tub. (And is it any wonder that the tub is designed by four Moms?)

The Cleanwater Infant Tub and other Temp-Assure products (Spout Cover, Sink Thermometer, Shower Thermometer) by 4Moms are available at Amazon and other retailers where infant items are sold!


  1. I received one of these tubs for a baby gift and it is pretty cool! My husband doesn't like the running water (he thinks it's wasteful) but it does seem to keep the temperature constant and the water clean. My only complaint is that it's small for my ginormous baby. He's only three months but he's growing so fast, I don't think we will be able to use the tub much longer. It would have been ideal for my daughter, who was much smaller.


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