Review of Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for Nintendo DS

I was a huge Donkey Kong fan growing up. When I tried explaining this to my now 9-year-old daughter, she didn't quite understand the concept. So I was thrilled to be able to try out the new Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for Nintendo DS, and we played it together!

Reminiscent of earlier Donkey Kong versions, this game seems true to DK's personality. Jumping, climbing, spinning, and smashing are the ways to win in this unique and challenging game. Collect enough gems and you can fly! Exploding barrels and sunflowers that throw you way up high are exciting ways to get more bananas and coins for bonus features. Groovy music and fun sound effects add to the charm of this game.

Detailed tutorials allow you to work through practice challenges before facing off to the bad guys (which are almost more fun than the real game!) You can use more buttons for jumping in this game, and both my left-handed daughter and I found it easy to get the hang of the controls. And up to 3 games can be saved so that you and your friends can each have their own adventure! (For even more fun, you can take on up to three friends in fun multiplayer challenges using DS Download Play and local wireless.)

My daughter can't stop raving about how fun this game is. I even sneak a play in here and there when I can. All in all, this is fun for the whole family. (Rated E for everyone) Get it at your favorite game retailer and!