Review of the Original Magna Doodle by Ohio Art

My oldest boy draws all day and all night. I am continually finding wadded up renditions of aliens, monsters, angels, bunnies with socks, and family members scribbled up on stolen pieces of printer paper. I decided to do something about it. I got him a Magna Doodle.

Sometimes toys just need to be simple. This is one of those toys. Designed for ages 4 and up, the Magna Doodle provides hours upon hours of quiet drawing fun without mess and without stress! The easy sliding erasing bar gives you a new "drawing board" anytime you need it! Perfect for sitting on a small lap during church or car rides, I give this toy an enthusiastic double thumbs up!

Equipped with 4 small shape magnets for assorted designs (which I keep put away for now -- they could be a choking hazard for my youngest) and a tethered pen for keeping it all together, the Magna Doodle by Ohio Art is a keeper.

Enjoy this classic for under $15, available at online retailers and department stores everywhere!