Review of Answer That! DVD Trivia Game

We love trivia games at our house. The problem with most of them, however, is that they aren't easily made to accommodate players of all ages and skill level. The invention of the DVD board game has helped to solve this problem, and I have enjoyed trying out many of them over the last year.

The newest addition to the DVD trivia board game family is the Answer That! Family DVD Trivia Game by Digital Praise. Those of you who are familiar with and love the Adventures in Odyssey series will adore this game for ages 6-adult!

The game is made for many different play options. Short on time? Play the shortest route on the game board for a game that will last under 20 minutes. Not familiar with the Adventures in Odyssey crew? While you may not have as much enjoyment as the fan club that has followed the Adventure for the past 20 years, there are still questions chosen especially for you.

The game includes a board, dice, 4 playing pieces, trivia cards (with variations on questions and answers, including Bible verse knowledge), Room of Consequence cards, and the DVD for multimedia quizzing.

While I wasn't quite as jazzed up over the game as my kids were (they were ecstatic), it's probably because I'm a little old school when it comes to my board games. Using the DVD player at first seemed daunting, but once I did the first few trivia questions, it was a breeze. My favorite part of this game was the Room of Consequences card stack. When landing on the ROC square, players must draw a card and face their consequences... (cards describe behaviors that are undesirable: i.e treating a friend badly, and they must move back on the gameboard as a result.) It is a great way to teach children how their actions affect others!

Movie clips, sound bytes, puzzles, and more will keep this game moving at a fast pace. With its flexible playing options, it can be customized for all kinds of groups. (We played a team game, where everyone helped with the answers and we all cheered each other on! The little ones were able to enjoy it too!)

Available at Digital Praise and Christian gift retailers!


  1. This looks super! Thanks for doing a review! My son loves the Adventures of Odyssey!! Looks like a really fun family game!


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