Review of Dance Praise 2: the Remix by Digital Praise

We all know how amazingly popular the Dance, Dance Revolution trend has become. And why wouldn't it be? It combines video games, music, and exercise: three things that kids all love! But what about those of us who would love to enrich our children's lives with faith and praise by incorporating value-driven songs into their fun?

Digital Praise has answered the call with their Dance Praise 2: the Remix computer game. Claiming to "turn your computer into a dance machine," they have done just that! The game contains everything needed to get started right away, including a dance pad that plugs directly into your computer USB port! Families without expensive gaming systems can give their family the dance game experience they've always wanted with these additional features that went over very well with my family:

  • 50 songs from top Christian artists including: tobyMac, Superchick, Newsboys, ZOEgirl, Relient K, Tree 63, Jeremy Camp, Pillar, and Michael W. Smith
  • 4 dances per song for an amazing number of combinations for hours and hours of dance fun!
  • 4 modes for playing including dance mode (keeps score for competitive fun), exercise mode (counts calories and records weight-loss goals), arcade mode, and game mode (tetris-style play)
  • Each player ages 4 and up can sign in to their own game and play at their own level
Additionally, the game works with Windows and Mac computers, and is quick and easy to install (even for me.) Expansion packs can be purchased for more music options, and additional game mats can add even more fun for groups and parties!

This game is great for bringing family together. With something for everyone in our house, Dance Praise 2, is just pure fun, fun, fun!! This is a great game that has been given Christianity Today's #1 Children's Product of the Year for both 2005 and 2006. We at Lille Punkin' hope that it gets just as honorable a mention for 2007!

Dance Praise 2: the Remix can be purchased at Amazon, Christian gift retailers, and Video and Electronics stores!


  1. This sounds really fun! How did you get into reviewing that? :) I would love to join the fun!

    sharvey at connections-etc dot net


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