Review of Evan Almighty

I was really doubtful of another spoof on the Biblical account of Noah's ark. I had already decided NOT to watch this movie with my family. After a brief discussion with my husband on the potential merits of watching our favorite Steve Carell in the starring role of Evan, I gave in. I'm glad that I did.

Evan Almighty is a modern twist on the ancient account of a man following God, regardless of the social consequences. Evan, played by Steve Carell (of television's Office fame), takes office as a junior politician under the direction of a senior player (played by John Goodman.) After trying unsuccessfully to avoid God's calling to build an ark (God is again played by Morgan Freeman), Evan plunges head-first into the world of wacky animal pairs, unique family bonding, and dirty politics.

The animals are adorable, the family endearing, and the plot almost believable. I was taken aback at how non-offensive this movie really was. It featured a quality cast, plucky writing, and enough animal antics to keep the youngest of kiddos engaged. (Llamas with hammers, now that's entertainment!)

There was little to be concerned about in this movie. Kids will learn about the importance of family. Adults will be cautioned about the potential for answered prayer. (Remember what happens when you ask for patience?)

Evan Almighty is a new household favorite. Available anywhere DVD's are sold and at!