Review of Jakoter Health Organizer

If you've ever had a family health issue, you're familiar with how important it is to maintain communication with the physician team, the pharmacist, the care giver, and friends and family. Proper documentation and careful organization can often times be the difference between successful treatments and unnecessary setbacks.

The mother behind Jakoter Health Organizers experienced just that. After a series of events kept her son in need of medical care, Laura Heuer began to examine the way families keep track of vital medical information. "Empowerment through organization" is the philosophy behind these portable health information organizers.

The Jakoter Health Organizer is a clever binder that holds all you need to keep that important medical info together in a way that is easy to access and understand. The binder is equipped with sturdy separators and space for business cards, family history, major events, immunization records, appointments, notes, prescription information, insurance cards, emergency numbers, care instructions, referrals, lab work, test results, letters, bills, and receipts. The 75 page organizer can easily fit additional pages as needed, and is built to last the lifetime of the patient!

I was so impressed with how the folks at Jakoter have thought of everything. Imagine how much easier it could be to keep everyone on the same page when sharing health care duties. Errors and wasted time due to lack of communication could be a thing of the past! Whether you intend to use the organizer for yourself, a child, an aging relative, or a client, the Jakoter Health Organizer was developed with the knowledge that every person's medical organization needs are unique.

In addition to being one of the most useful household tools we have tested, the Jakoter company will donate 25% of the proceeds from the sale of their organizing products to one of several charities OF YOUR CHOOSING!

For more information on the entire line of Jakoter Medical organization products, visit their website at!