Review of the One-Armed Cook

I was very excited to crack open the One-Armed Cook by Cynthia Stevens Graubart and Catherine Fliegel. I have often considered myself short of at least one arm, if not two. The authors of this interesting and useful cookbook had a treat in store for me!

Aimed at those who have just had a baby, this collection of recipes is varied in style and, at times, convenience. Those who have little cooking experience will find several items that can be whipped up with nothing more than a few minutes and a couple of store-bought items. More seasoned cooks will drool over the quick entrees that seem to easily come together with a little more prep and some fancier staples (artichokes, goat cheese, etc.)

The common sense approach to entertaining was clear-cut and geared towards those with the need for advance scheduling. My only thought while reading the chapter on Brunch Preparaton was, "People over anytime during the 6 months after a new baby is too soon!" And while I'm still convinced that others should be bringing ME food after a new addition, it is vital info for anyone up to the task.

The clever collaboration between Stevens Graubart and Fliegel is an interesting one. While not destined to be THE cookbook in my kitchen, it is very inspiring. With extra tips for dining out with baby and how to keep a new infant busy while cooking, it is a great gift idea for new moms. Those of us who have been around the Mommy-block for awhile may not find as much useful info, but the classy recipes will keep you making some fresh fare for a few weeks....

New mommies everywhere will enjoy this book. Available at Amazon and The One-Armed Cook website!