Review of Pampers Stages and Wipes

The always-clever Pampers is back at it with a new level of functionality and personality with their line of Stages Diapers and various Wipes. As if the diapers weren't great enough with their leak-proof comfort and adorable designs (who could resist an Elmo playing peek-a-boo under your little ones belly?) -- they have done it again with a coordinating wipe to match each stage of your baby's life.

Gone are the one-size fits all wipe. Here to stay are the Swipers wipes with their 20% thicker material and super-smelling scents. Since it is a guarantee that your little inductee into the solid food realm will be leaving some nasty in their diapers, isn't it great to know that these wipes worked wonders at cleaning it all up? I tested them out with great welcome, and can totally agree that thicker is better.
And for bigger babes learning to potty-train, I'm still a sucker for their Easy-Ups Training Pants. Go Diego, Go! My son was happy to see a favorite friend on his "big boy" pants as we tested out the easy-to-take-on-and-off (and surprisingly absorbent) diaper pant. Not to be outmatched by other kid wipes, the coordinating Clean N' Go Wipes definitely delivered. Packaged in those convenient take-along soft packages, these wipes had a plastic opening that closed tightly shut to prevent unexpected dampness in my diaper bag. (So much better than those taped-on closers...) They are made with water, so they are perfect for wiping faces and noses, as well as backsides.

These are just two of the stages offered by Pampers. To see a complete listing of diapers and wipes, visit Pampers Stages pages!