Review of Triaminic Flowing Vapors Portable Vapor Fan

With all of the sickness in the house lately, we have been on a quest to continue to find the best products for easing cold and flu symptoms. This one has been a favorite the past few days. Triaminic has come out with a Flowing Vapors Portable Vapor Fan. It is similar to other products that plug in and release mentholated product into the air to help your child to breathe better. The kicker with this product is that it is battery powered (batteries included) so that you aren't restricted to an area where you have a plug-in (and you're not left unplugging something else you may need if outlets are scarce.) The little fan runs on the included AAA battery and comes with 3 refill pads. Each pleasant-smelling pad (cherry menthol) lasts 8 hours. It really does fill the whole room with the aroma, so you could fill a living room or family room with several kids very effectively!

The only caveat to this otherwise great product is that the easy-to-open foil packets for the refills are NOT easy open. They are supposed to have a notch for easier tearing, which I just can't seem to find! So I use scissors.. but the outcome is still the same. Easy breathing for 8 hours. The fan is quiet and can be put anywhere in my child's room. (Plus it has a nice little stand for sitting up on a nightstand or dresser.)

The Triaminic Flowing Vapors Portable Vapor Fan is priced around $8, with refills available. Available at drugstores and online pharmacies everywhere!


  1. I too LOVE the flowing vapors fan. (FYI, the notch is in the middle of the long side.) My only issue is that I cannot find the refil pads anywhere. So I have had to resort to using other brand's refil pads which do not work nearly as well. I am still in search of the refil pads.

  2. I am thinking about buying these for my son....he has some sort of chronic cough and tends to get bronchitus/pneumonia quite easilly, so this might help him. THank you!


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