Review of UtiliTEA Kettle

Are you a tea drinker? This time of year, I guzzle it (not very lady-like, I know) by the cup-fulls. Black tea, green tea, wellness tea -- you name it, I drink it! But I was getting a little irritated using my coffee maker to heat up my water. It just wasn't the right temp for optimal tea flavor.

The UtiliTEA Kettle is the quickest, easiest way I know to get your tea water to the perfect temp. Regardless of how you like it, the UtiliTEA will get it for you. Just plug in the base, set the filled kettle on the the base, adjust the knob to your desired temperature, push down the button and wait! In minutes, the kettle will boil your water to the perfect temperature and shut itself off!

The Kettle can be used to heat water for tea, cocoa, cider, and more. Stylish silver and black accents will match any decor. I love my UtiliTEA! (The kids love it too... my 9 year old can make her own Chai drinks without help from Mom or Dad!)

UtiliTEA heats up to 4 cups of water instantly. No whistles or drips. Available at specialty coffee and tea shops nationwide!


  1. That's very cool. I use my electric kettle all the time, but I love that this one has a temperature range so I'll actually have the appropriate temperature of water for different types of tea.

    Very cool!


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