Featured Merchant: myShape.com

I have been the same size almost all my adult life. I have not, however, been the same shape. Pregnancies, illness, holidays, and career changes have all played games with my figure. Some days left me with more curves than others, but I never quit desiring to look my best!

myShape.com is a new way to shop for clothing. An online retailer with brains and beauty, myShape allows you to customize your profile to find the perfect wardrobe to flatter your body type. With several different personalities for the casual dresser, fun holiday dresses for that special occasion, and romantic pieces for flirty weekends, the right look for you is available!

After filling out my profile, I needed to take measurements of my hips, shoulders, bust, weight, etc. Then I was asked a few style questions regarding my seasonal palette, brands I love the most, and how I normally choose to dress. I was then shown pieces that really matched my personality! There wasn't an item in my profile that wouldn't look cute on me!

Are you looking to find something guaranteed to fit and flatter your body type? Visit myShape to create your own Personal Shop, and be entered to win a $1000 shopping spree or pearl accessories -- now until January 15th!

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