Review of Cloud 9 Game

Out of the Box is a game company that you may not be familiar with. Most famous for their Apples to Apples board game, they have come out with another great set of games for enthusiasts of all ages! Cloud 9 is simple, quick, but highly addictive. The goal is simply to fly your hot air balloon as high as it can go, "betting" on whether the dice rolled will match up with the cards in the pilot's hand. (Cards are not complicated - anyone that knows their colors can play.) If they have them, the balloon flies higher, increasing the point potential for everyone aboard. If they don't, the balloon goes crashing down to the ground, and the points drop to zero. You score points by predicting in advance whether the pilot has the cards or not. Jumping out of the balloon at the right time can earn you big points and can win you the game! This very cool game is fun for players ages 8 and up, and up to 6 people can play. 20 minutes is all you need for a very good time with family and friends! Simple instructions are easy for younger players to learn, but it is engaging enough for adults, too!

For more information, or to purchase Cloud 9 for your next holiday gathering, visit Out of the Box's website!


  1. That looks like a really fun game! I love Apples to Apples!!

    Thanks for the review~


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