Review of Dropps Laundry Pacs

We're all familiar with the clunky, over-sized laundry detergent bottles that you can get at your warehouse stores these days. Big families need a way to secure massive amount of soap for all their washing needs. But have you ever thought about the packaging waste that results? How about the muscle it takes to lug all that home? And what are you really paying for?

Dropps has developed a laundry detergent answer. Similar to soap packs for dishwashers, Laundry Dropps are waste-free, hassle-free, and super effective. Each laundry pac dissolves in the wash. No need for measuring cups. No messy leaks around the bottom of your detergent bottle. No build up around the mouth of your washing machine.

Dropps are not only better for the environment, but they are better for your wallet. While initially a little more expensive than some laundry detergents, you pay only for detergent. You do not pay for cumbersome packaging and added water.

How well do they work? Let me tell you... they are awesome! One pack for small to medium loads, and two packs for jumbo loads (which is the ONLY size we use at our house.) The scent-free and dye-free variety is effective and doesn't aggravate my son's eczema. No enzymes means extra gentle, and they're safe for HE washing machines!

Want to learn more about Dropps? Visit the website for all the news! You can even sign up for a FREE package of Dropps after rebate!


  1. After your review of these I went on a search....But they don't offer them in any stores where I live! Shucks...Guess I'll have to order them from Amazon! Thanks for all the great info though!

  2. I'm sorry you couldn't find them... the locator on the dropps website showed them at my local Walmart and Target. (But I order many things through Amazon...)


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