Review of Girlz Connect LocketPal

Bandai has captured the heart of my little girl with their latest line of products for tween girls -- Girlz Connect! After being presented to my 9-year-old, the LocketPal has never left her side! Designed for girls ages 5 and up, the LocketPal is a plastic locket/planner/game console that is light on the wallet and heavy on the charm.

Equipped with a small stylus (an extra is stored in the body of the locket), the LocketPal features games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman, as well as drills for math and spelling. (She has been devouring the times tables quizzes.) To keep things girly, they have included a sensor for testing the user's mood; Just place your fingertip on the sensor pad, and LocketPal will tell you one of over a dozen generic but fun sayings, such as, "You need to relax."

A calendar and phone book will help keep girls organized and connected. (Just watch how many times a day they will try to set the timer.) I was impressed with all the different functions this little gadget performed! The entire mirrored locket is no bigger than a small wallet, and it clips onto backpacks or purses with ease.

Available at online retailers and Amazon for under $15! For more info on the entire Girlz Connect line, visit Bandai's website!