Review of Learning Is An Art

It's not too often that I get to review more than a product. Once in a while, I also get to take a look at a company, their line of products, and their vision as a whole. I recently had that opportunity when we reviewed some wonderful products from Learning Is An Art!

I knew from the moment I first visited their website, that Learning Is An Art (LiA) would be unique. Sure, I was impressed with their line of high-quality educational toys and games for children of all ages. But more than that, I was amazed at their purpose. 100% of all the profits from the sales of their products (after expenses) are given to charity. No, I'm not kidding. World-changing non-profits, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, CARE, and America's Second Harvest, are able to help even more children from the partnership that has been created from LiA's involvement! So not only are you buying a product that will positively change the life of your child, but you can help change the life of a child you don't even know! Here is just a sampling of their unique and positive product line-up:

The Great Word Race: You thought Scrabble was fun? Spelling just got exciting with this race-to-the-finish board game for spellers of all ages. Roll the lettered dice to make words. Use "Letters for Life" cards to build better words. Get to the end first, and you win! (My 9-year-old claims that this game is her favorite after suffering some frustrating losses at other spelling games. Her confidence has been built by this game that allows players of all aptitudes to excel!)
Making Words Snap: Based on the classic games of "Snap" and "Pairs," this clever card set helps players make words from common letter blends. The use of color helps children to recognize beginning and end sounds, and the handy key card lets players check their own work! This is a quick but fun way to spend a little quality time with a child in-between busy activities.
Body Block Book: A hit with my kids, this book is full of activities! Learn about all the different systems of the human body with full-color illustrations on 6-sided blocks, a puzzle, and quiz cards! Our favorite was seeing the little unborn baby on the reproductive system pages. For ages 8 and up. (NOTE: This was a very tasteful book with accurate but modest illustrations. You know when a 9-year-old can enjoy it with a 4-year-old that they have done a great job of putting this together.!)
I can't say enough about how much heart you can find at Learning Is An Art. For the full product line, information on their non-profit partnerships, or to see how you can donate a toy to Toys for Tots through the LiA website, visit!