Review of True Learning Curriculum CD-ROM

Whether your child goes to public school, private school, or is home educated, early childhood learning facilitated by an adult or caregiver can improve their understanding of the basic skills needed to be successful later in life. This is why we love doing worksheets at home! Kids find them fun and entertaining, and I love that it helps them learn basic skills and keeps them busy, too!

The True Learning Early Childhood Curriculum on CD-ROM is a fascinating but simple way to access over 3,000 printable activities for your youngster. Lovable characters introduce math, literacy, thinking, motor skills, art, and world culture concepts through four levels of learning. Kids ages 3-6 (as well as special needs students of all ages) will find the activities encouraging, yet challenging enough to be interesting.

This printable curriculum is different from so many other resources I have tried for a few major reasons:

  • The CD interface appears in a browser window for quick viewing of all levels and lessons. Navigation is easy. The layout is visually attractive.
  • The preview feature allows you to see the full first page of the activity upon mousing over the worksheet link. You don't have to waste time opening several different worksheets to find just the right one.
  • Worksheets are large enough for any child to easily work on. Directions are simple enough to follow, but with enough steps to make the activity engaging.
After trying so many different services offering online worksheet downloads for high annual membership fees, I'm pleased to see this offered for such a low price. Unlike other services I've seen, the worksheets are something I would actually use over and over again, and I'm not pressured to purchase extra features or extend a membership that I may never use. Lille Punkin' gives True-Learning a very high grade!

For more information or to purchase the True-Learning curriculum, visit their website at ( True-Learning will donate 25% of the profits from the sale of their award-winning curriculum to charitable efforts that help kids!)