Featured Merchant: Cute Like Me

Mom-run businesses are thriving these days! With so many to choose from, sometimes it can be hard to tell which company to go to for high-quality, reasonably-priced gift items. The gals at Cute Like Me, an online treasure shoppe for handmade accessories, make shopping fun and friendly!

Do you have a special little girl in your life with a passion for pretty bows? Choose from PigTail, Itty Bitty, or my favorite -- the Korker! Sturdy but dainty, these bows will have her pretty as a princess in no time!

Cute Like Me specializes in handmade bracelets for Mommy and daughter. Their "Mommy and Me" sets are low-priced so the whole family can match! The cat's eye beads are stunning, and the durable design will have them last for a very long time.

Need a fun gift for a boy or a girl? Their I Spy Bags are the ticket for endless entertainment. Both of my boys can never get enough of theirs! The bags keep them busy searching for footballs, race cars, shapes, numbers, and letters while I happily enjoy a church service or long car ride in peace! The attention to detail ensures that these toys are a safe and quiet way to learn and share. With a wide assortment of designs, you can customize an I Spy Bag for any occasion!

Want to know more about the cutest gift shop around? Visit Cute Like Me's website for all the details. Tell them that Lille Punkin' sent you!