Review of Aardvark Adventures Personalized Stories

Books are vital to raising a well-rounded and confident young person. What do you do if you're little one isn't all that interested in books, however? Make it all about them!

Aardvark Adventure Stories has brought us the opportunity to place your child smack dab in the middle of their very own storybook! We were more than thrilled with the results, and here's how easy and effective this product is:

  • Visit Aardvark's website, and click on "Start Your Adventure."
  • Choose from one of 7 original stories designed to engage and entertain even the most finicky readers. (Ages are clearly marked for optimum reading level!)
  • Follow the suggestions for selecting the best variety of photos for your book.
  • Fill in the personal info for your child (They take Nicknames!)
  • Upload up to 6 photos to be included in the story.
Your story will "come to life" and be shipped directly to you when finished. A professionally-bound, completely illustrated hardcover book will become a treasured keepsake for you and your child to enjoy forever!

We loved our book, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom for my 2-year-old. When he first saw his face on the pages of his own storybook, he couldn't contain his excitement! He rushed around to show everyone, and the grandparents really got a kick out of it!

This book would make a great present for adults, too! Can you imagine the pride that comes from showing friends and family how your grandchild starred in their own storybook?

For all the info on the most personalized book we've seen, visit Aardvark's website, and see how you're child can become a literary star!