Review of BabyLegs

"Legwarmers for boys?" my husband snarkily asked me as I put the first pair of BabyLegs on my 1-year-old son. "They are not legwarmers... exactly." And they weren't.

BabyLegs are a legwarmer of sorts. They really do warm baby's legs. But they are more than that. They are adorable, functional, and oh-so-addictive. My baby's legs may never see daylight again!

Not only do BabyLegs come in so many styles, they are perfect for every baby! That means that my tinier-than-average, but perfectly healthy little guy can keep his legs warm all through the winter, even though most of his pants fall right off his skinny little waist! No need to worry about where your baby places on the growth chart; BabyLegs is for EVERY BABY!

Diaper changes are a breeze with BabyLegs. Crawling is more comfortable (especially on cold laminate floors) with BabyLegs. Outfits have a little more pizazz with BabyLegs. Life is just a little more fun... with BabyLegs!

BabyLegs comes in one size (longer styles are available) and many patterns including, flames, stripes, polka dots, and just plain cute! BabyLegs can be worn for many years, and fit up to size 10. (Small adults may enjoy them as well!)

For a complete look at the fad that isn't just a fad, visit BabyLegs at their website. You won't be able to buy just one pair!


  1. I saw those at another friends blog a few days ago and just passed it that I see this again, I am intrigued. I like the idea because it's hard to put pants on my boy, (he wiggles around too much) and I'd have to take it off anyway to change his the leg warmers are very practical in keeping legs warm and not having to take them off just to change baby. Nice.


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