Review of Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magnetic Cookie Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate thinking and problem-solving skills from an early age. Even a one-year-old can benefit from the joy of finding out that their puzzle piece fits!

My son hasn't stopped playing with his Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magnetic Cookie Puzzle! The pieces are large enough that I never have to worry about lost pieces or choking hazards. Each one fits perfectly into place with the help of safety magnets. My son is rewarded with a verbal praise each time he successfully places a puzzle piece!

If he just wants to hear the sounds and music, or watch the colored lights flash, he can press the large gingerbread cookie character for some silly songs! Each puzzle piece has a tactile lesson to share: Square is rough, Circle is squishy, etc. Flip the piece over for a lesson in colors!

The puzzle features three switch settings: off, music, and shapes. And the safe magnet pieces (all four) stick to the fridge! This is a fun way to learn!

The puzzle is available at Fisher-Price's online store and!