Review of gLovies Disposable Sanitary Hand-Covers

I know better than to put my hands all over a public restroom, especially if it is not very well-kept. Does your toddler know? While it is tempting to just scream, "Don't touch that! Wash your hands! Ick, what is that?" every time you encounter a nasty potty with your child in tow -- there is a better way!

gLovies are special disposable hand-covers for kids ages 2-6. They are like mittens, except they protect against germs and can be thrown away after each use! Each pair is waterproof, comfy, and adorned with three cute penguin friends aimed to keep kids enthusiastic about wearing their gLovies. gLovies fit loosely, so that hands of all sizes can slide in easily, and they have a comfortable elastic wristband so that they don't come off when you need them!

My little ones were amazed at their new "gloves." I was relieved to see that all the questionable places in the bathroom were no longer a concern to my kids' health! They had no problem "doing their duty" with the gLovies on, and as an added safeguard, were able to throw away the gLovies and wash up easily.

Pediatrician recommended, this product has many uses beyond the public restroom. Any situation where germy hands would be an issue is a perfect one for gLovies! (I especially love the suggestion of putting them on "big" brothers and sisters when handling a newborn baby!)

gLovies come 12 (6 pairs) to a pack, and are available for sale at the My Mom Knows Best website!