Review of Lost & Found Temporary Tattoos

I've always thought that some of those fake tattoos look a little gross on kids. Especially the ugly black skulls and dragons that can sometimes turn up when I'm not paying enough attention. There is a new tattoo that all parents can appreciate, and they are brought to you by Tattoos with a Purpose.

Yes, they are cute. They are more than fashionable, though. The Lost & Found Tattoos for boys and girls are washable and easy to apply. They also serve a very important purpose -- they contain a space for you to write important information on them in case your child ever gets lost!

Imagine how long a few minutes can seem like when you don't know where your child has gone to! I remember the horror I felt the first time I lost one of my children in a busy shopping area. I was fortunate that a kind stranger brought them back to me. But what if my son or daughter didn't know the information they needed to be safely reunited?

Each Lost and Found Tattoo kit contains everything you need to use them safely and effectively: 6 assorted temporary tattoos for boys and girls, 6 moisture wipes for application, 5 alcohol wipes for removal (no more bedraggled tattoos hanging around for weeks), and 1 marker for writing all that important information!

Simply wet the area, press the tattoo, remove the paper, and wait for it to fully dry. Then you can write your phone number in the blank space and get a little peace of mind when you're out and about.

Tattoos with a purpose has many clever varieties for families with different needs. Check out their peanut allergy warnings, tattoos for kids with autism, and field trip notices. All are guaranteed to stay in place on your child's skin until YOU wash it off. The designs are adorable, too!

Visit the Tattoos with a Purpose website for all the details. We think this product is a brilliant step towards safer kids!
(We are excited to announce that Tattoos with a Purpose also has a variety of tattoos for loved ones with Alzheimer's!)


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