Review of Poi Wear Hi-Chair Bib

I was pleased to see that my youngest had finished all of his food! Pleased until I changed his diaper -- and found that 80 percent of that fresh-prepared food had ended up in his diaper or his shoes! How frustrating it can be to have shirts, pants, and socks blemished forever by your favorite red pasta sauce!

Bibs are not all created equal. Poi Wear has proven this with their cleverly designed full Hi-Chair Bib, designed to protect little bodies and favorite outfits from the devastation of self-feeding. Sized to fit kids 6 months to 3 years, the machine-washable bibs are almost too beautiful to use! Brilliant designs and high-quality cloth make this bib one of the fanciest items my child will ever wear. Good thing that the light-weight cotton is to easy to wash, and the water repellent lining keeps the clothes underneath from getting dirty! The length of the bib, along with the split at the bottom to cover legs, measures up where other bibs fall "short!"

With 50 different patterns and colors to choose from, there is a Poi Wear Hi-Chair Bib for everyone! Plus, you'll love the gifty organza bag and personalized gift card that comes with your bib. (Can you say perfect baby shower gift?)

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  1. This bib is great it would surely protect the baby clothing from the food stain. How long do you think this type of bib would last?


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