Review of Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning your tub or shower? (Come on people, be honest!) This out-of-shape mama could find better ways to stretch, strain, and overwork my short little arms...

Now it's a little easier (and much more efficient) to clean your bathroom fixtures, thanks to the new Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber! While I normally shy away from any disposable-type cleaning products, this is one product that I admit to having a liking for:

The Action Scrubber is unique in that only the scrubbing pads are disposable. The handle (a funky spongy thing) is easy to hold and soft on hands. It has Velcro, so your scrubber pads easily go on, and stay on, until you're done cleaning!

How much soap does each one of these scrubbing pads have? Let's just say there is more than enough. I did my tub, shower insert, and my bathroom sink with a little juice to spare. It was still a bit of a workout (you are scrubbing, people) but the results were excellent. Soap scum was gone in a heartbeat, and I hate to admit it was slightly fun!

Since I'm not a scrubbing junky, this is a product I would use every couple of weeks or so for that deep, deep cleaning we all really should do. The packaging is surprisingly minimal, so if you're concerned about waste, this is one cleaning cheat you can feel relatively good about.

Learn more about the Action Scrubber here......

Happy Scrubbing!


  1. Hello, Please enter me in your contest. I have never used the product. I do use the scrubbing bubbles to clean. I would like to try the shower shine. Thanks very much~

  2. Oh my gosh - I just used this and lovvvved it, so I thought I'd check out others' reviews. It was a bit fun and recently having back surgery, it was actually a bit easier on me. Definitely took the soap scum off easier than anything else I've ever used.

    Good review - thanks!


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