Review of Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Training Pants

It's that time again! Our middle son is potty training! While I have scoured the market for the best training pants, it sometimes concerns me that the most stylish pant isn't the best pant for my family or the environment.

We decided to give Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Training Pants a try, and I'm glad that we did! The company stands apart as one of the most environmentally-conscious companies in the baby market today. Their dedication to less waste and better health has peaked my interest for a long time. Here's what we found out about their training pants:

While drab in design (a simple tree on the front / and the words "back" on the back), the pant didn't excite my little guy as much as the pant with a favorite Super Hero or cartoon character. It was brown like a paper bag, and it took a little convincing to let my son know that it wasn't "dirty." (This is from the diaper being left out of the "bleaching" process that most diapers go through.) Other than that, it was on par to the rest of the training pants we've tried. They were sturdy, stretchy, and absorbent.

They also touted benefits that other training pants DON'T have. In addition to being unbleached, they are latex and fragrance-free, which is super for my little guy with eczema.

What did I love best about the pants? The informative labeling. Along with an explanation of why the chlorine-bleaching in most diaper manufacturing processes is bad for people and the environment, it gave really useful ways to keep your diaper disposal more earth-friendly. (And they were simple, too!)

I would recommend Seventh Generation to anyone looking for a more green diaper alternative. The change was simple. And while they can be pricier than other premium diapers, there's good news:

For a very limited time, all Seventh Generation diaper products are an additional 20% off when purchasing through the Amazon Subscribe and Save program. That's 5% more than normal! With free shipping and no sales-tax, this is an amazing deal! Just sign up for delivery every 1, 2, 3, or 6 months (you can adjust size as baby grows), and get these diapers for cheaper than others. But hurry! This deal won't last long!


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