Review of Poi Wear Cuisine Catchers

We've already told you about our favorite washable bib from Poi Wear. The Hi-Chair Bib was a big hit here at Lille Punkin', and you can read the full review here.

But what about for us big people? Grown-ups have accidents, too! While it would be great to think that we wouldn't ever need a bib, there are those occasions where I really wish I had one. The Cuisine Catcher from Poi Wear is made from the same high-quality, washable material as the little bib that inspired it. The Cuisine Catcher is easy to get on and off and has a very effective waterproof liner.

The styles that the Cuisine Catcher come in are classy! Made for both men and women, the uses for the one-size bib are endless:

  • Protect your work uniform. Nurses, delivery drivers, and police officers have all used the Cuisine Catcher to avoid embarrassing stains from unexpected mealtime accidents.
  • Help out an older friend or relative. Perfect for the retirement community, the Cuisine Catcher can give a dignified look to keeping loved ones clean.
  • Be creative. Dabbling in an art while sitting at the table? Frosting a cake or finishing a craft? Less cumbersome than a full smock or overshirt, the Cuisine Catcher is beautiful and so easy to throw in the wash!
  • Great for eating in the car or on airplanes!
  • Super for nursing moms! Gives you a little more privacy, or allows for you to catch a bite while baby eats. (It is not recommended that you eat hot food while nursing.)
Cuisine Catchers are adorable and useful, and several styles also match the Hi-Chair Bib! To see the full line from Poi Wear, visit their website!