Review of School Zone Educational Products

As a home educator and a parent, I live for products that not only make learning a priority in my children's lives, but also make it fun! That's why I was so excited to try out a line of products from School Zone publishers! Familiar with some of their workbooks and flashcards, I knew that I was in for a real treat. The products were perfect for our family, and there were so many products to choose from!

The Multiplication On-Track Software (grades 3 and 4) was a big hit! The CD-ROM and accompanying workbook were perfect for my daughter's learning level. Starting with the basics of multiplication, and then working up to more difficult division, seemed like a daunting task at first. Getting away from our traditional paper flashcards and working through fun and brightly-animated math games, however, made it so easy! What we loved best about the program was that for every few math activities she completed, there was a "just for fun" computer game waiting to reward her! It was easy to see her progress at the end of every session.

For hours of sit-down studying, we got cracking at the BIG Third and Fourth Grade Workbook! This giant 320-page, full-color book combines several of the original School Zone workbooks into one. It covers nouns and verbs, spelling, map skills, multiplication and division, adjectives, composition, and so much more! This is perfect for beginning-level and intermediate third and fourth grade students. (Can you say "summer learning fun"?) Perforated pages tear our easily. and it is priced low for extra value.

I've saved the BEST for last! That's because the most exciting product from School Zone is aimed at the little guys in my life. The Super Scholar Software Package (Preschool and Kindergarten) is a showcase of 4 of the best software programs offered. With just enough computer activities for the youngest preschooler, and an increasing level of difficulty to challenge your eager Kindergartener, this package is so exciting! Titles included in the package are: Alphabet Express, Pencil-Pal Preschool, On-Track Transition Math, and Flash-Action Wonder Words. This is a super value of some the most adorable and education games yet! (My little guys loved this one....) It was easy for the kids to begin using on their own, right away.
School Zone offers too many titles to list here (including Baby products). Check out their website for all the newest offerings, and see what they have on sale now!