Review of Symmetry Sleep System

Yesterday we told you about Dr. Plagio's effort to reduce the number cases of Plagiocephaly (flat-head) in infants. We loved testing out the Symmetry Sleep System by Basic Comfort, designed to implement the TOTS system with ease and effectiveness!

Unlike other sleep aids, this comfy but firm sleep positioner is designed to follow both the Back-to-Sleep guidelines and the TOTS system. Infants can begin using the system as soon as they are born and can continue following the guidelines until they are 6 months old. The positioner itself is made from water-resistant molded foam for lasting support, and it is covered with FlowThru fabric for 100% airflow. (This prevents overheating and re-breathing, which are linked to SIDS.)

We loved that the positioner was easy to use, and ready to go! Simply place your infant in the positioner, and insert the reminder tag (which lets you know which direction to place baby.) The next time you lay baby down to sleep, switch sides and replace the reminder tag facing the other way. By continuing the alternate the way baby sleeps, you are keeping equal pressure on baby's head, and helping to ensure symmetry of the baby's head and skull.

Included in the system is a Symmetry Caliper that can be placed at the opening of the baby's ear canal. By a quick view, you can tell if you baby's head is symmetrical. (If not, make an appointment to see your pediatrician.)

The Symmetry Sleep System is medically approved and patented, but is mom-friendly! For more information on this great product, visit Basic Comfort.