Review of Bizzi Bibbi

Driving 50 miles to pick up my daughter from her grandma's house is never fun. Even worse is having to drag the baby along with him throwing his bottle against the back of my car seat the entire ride. We get a mile down the road, he throws his bottle, he cries, I cry. Get it?

Bizzi Bibbi has saved my road trip. This ingenious little bib fastens with velcro around the little guy's neck. It has an attached clip for the binkie, AND a removable pouch for the bottle. He can drink happily (or not). Either way, that bottle is not going on the floor ever again!

This cleverest of inventions comes in several cute and quilted styles. In addition to boy colors, girl colors, and uni colors, there are stages for little ones of different ages:

My 1st Bibbi: Holds a small bottle and pacifier

My 1st Bibbi II: Holds a large bottle and pacifier

Bye-Bye Bibbi: Holds a large bottle, pacifier, and a toy

All Grown Up Bibbi: Holds a spill-proof cup and a pacifier

The bibs are not only cute, but they have an effective waterproof liner. Baby stays dry, and you stay sane. What could be better?

Check out all the options at Bizzi Bibbi's website and online store!